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Gamasutra – League of Legends: Changing bad player behavior with neuroscience

League of Legends

League of Legends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to post this. It is great seeing other psychologists getting to exhibit their craft in video games in a positive way. I think more and more game dev teams will start hiring psychologists not only for player modeling, but for design expertise as well.

Gamasutra – News – League of Legends: Changing bad player behavior with neuroscience.



Framing Narrative: Enhancing Player Experience

So this is from a paper I wrote a couple years ago. Its a bit rough and may not be accurate to the way I think now, but I have used the diagram from this in a few talks I have given; so I wanted to provide access to it and a bit of context to go with it. Also, I know the colors are terrible, eventually I will have the time to update it a bit.

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What is Rational to the Player?

To the detriment of all, I have started playing World of Warcraft again and it got me thinking about the topic of player rationalizing. When players do not understand the underlying rules or system for something, they naturally tend to rationalize based on their experiences.

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Curiosity Killed the Player

So lately I have been playing a lot of Minecraft, which probably is not surprising considering its recent rise in popularity. I keep finding myself coming back to play it whenever I get some free time. However, I have had a difficult time figuring out why I keep coming back to it. For anyone that does not know, Minecraft is a game about building and survival. Sort of like a digital Lego set with some enemies that try to kill you as you build. I consider myself a somewhat creative person, so no doubt I enjoy the building aspect of the game; and exploring the caverns and open spaces of the virtual world are rather fun as well. But really, what is the point? Anything I create in the game will probably never been seen by anyone, save my wife who will just say “that’s nice”. So what am I spending my time for? Long gone are the days of my childhood when I would build Lego structures in order to pretend my constructed spaceship was a real one. I do not plan on pretending my castle in Minecraft is genuine. Let me leave this here  for now and I will come back to it.

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