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Gamasutra – League of Legends: Changing bad player behavior with neuroscience

League of Legends

League of Legends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to post this. It is great seeing other psychologists getting to exhibit their craft in video games in a positive way. I think more and more game dev teams will start hiring psychologists not only for player modeling, but for design expertise as well.

Gamasutra – News – League of Legends: Changing bad player behavior with neuroscience.



Is Heavy Rain an “interactive movie”?

There is a new feature up on Gamasutra by Ian Bogost, author of several great books on games. I have seen him give talks a few times and he definitely has some intriguing view points. In the article, Bogost takes issue with the idea that Heavy Rain is an interactive film and goes on to explain why, with some focus on the idea that films allow for editing. It is definitely worth a read,

although it contains some spoilers. Heavy Rain is on my list of games to play over the summer along with Red Dead Redemption and Starcraft II.

Persuasive Games: The Picnic Spoils the Rain