Often working on games, I have found the need to process various ideas and concepts surrounding games. The purpose of this website is to provide a mix of commercial and academic. Some of the things that will be discussed are interesting design aspects of commercial and indie games, game reviews, academic discussions of game studies and theories, book reviews, and announcements of interesting articles and concepts (hopefully including some of my own papers). This website is designed as a food for thought for anyone interested in games and academia, from research and theory to design and implementation. So welcome and please feel free to join the conversation.

About Me:

I recently defended my dissertation at New York University on the subject of Video Game Player Profiles, which I am hoping to publish soon. I am currently a User Experience Researcher at Immersyve, Inc.*  where I continue to try to understand the psychology of video game players. Prior to my current position, I was  a research assistant for the Games for Learning Institute.  I have a B.S. in Psychology as well as a M.A. and Ed.S. in School Psychology. I have worked as a contractor  for the Navy, designing trainer tools for weapons systems. I worked in schools as a School Psychologist for a brief stint.  I really enjoy several aspects of games; research, theory, usability, design, player psychology, etc. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my site and any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

*All material on this site is explicitly mine and in no way reflects upon Immersyve, Inc., nor is any material presented here refer to specific projects or properties associated with Immersyve, Inc.


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