Book Review: Better Game Characters by Design

Better Game Characters by Design: A Psychological Approach is authored by Katherine Isbister, who is now at NYU Poly. I have to admit that my review is somewhat bias because this book combines my two academic passions: psychology and video games. Essentially, the book is taking a lot of the theories and perspectives on inter-personal relationships and social interactions from social psychology and applies it to the design and implementation of video game characters. The book is smart and insightful, making even some of the more complex social psychology theories easy to understand and use. I would consider this a must own book for anyone interested in characterization and how to elicit more out of players. I knew most of the theories already, but how they are integrated with game design is nothing short of great.

Verdict: Buy it!

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Ph.D. student at NYU. Game researcher. Game Design/Usability/Theory nerd. Research focus on psychology of players. RA for Games for Learning Institute. View all posts by Jonathan Frye

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