Anticipation: Red Dead Redemption

More than likely, you have seen a lot of advertising for Rockstar’s latest game, Red Dead Redemtion. I just wanted to post some thoughts on why I am really interested in checking it out. Aesthetically, the game is gorgeous. I am really impressed with the graphics. Mechanically there are sure to be some interesting design elements as well. Take the difficulty changes for instance. On the lowest difficulty there is an automatic aim, the next level features a snap-to aiming system, and the hardest is free aiming. I am really curious to see how successful that implementation turns out for different skill levels of players. Also, a sand box game with a western theme is bound to present some interesting moments. Really, who doesn’t want to shoot things from horseback?


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Ph.D. student at NYU. Game researcher. Game Design/Usability/Theory nerd. Research focus on psychology of players. RA for Games for Learning Institute. View all posts by Jonathan Frye

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